Dr. Dance trained for two additional years in a Pediatric Dental Residency. The residency was located in a trauma one pediatric medical hospital and Dr. Dance became very familiar with any kind of dental or oral trauma that one can imagine. He is very comfortable with how to treat children who have sustained oral trauma and he understands that although some trauma may not be of significant consequence, it can be a very stressful and difficult situation for parents. Many times the emergency is more stressful for the parents than for the child. In any case, it is always wise to give us a call to assess the trauma. The true dental emergency usually involves adult teeth, where the amount of time between the trauma and treatment can be a critical component in a successful outcome. If an adult tooth has been knocked out of the mouth, it is best to try and rinse the tooth off with milk or water, place immediately back in the socket and then call us immediately. When in doubt with any other issues, always give our office a call. Dr. Dance is on call should you need help after hours.

Also: Under Resources and Dental Topics see Emergencies for more specifics.