Esthetic Pediatric Crowns

Many people are familiar with pediatric crowns as “metal crowns” or “silver teeth”. As dentistry has evolved over the years some beautiful prefabricated pediatric crowns have been developed. These crowns are tooth colored and would mimic a porcelain or more natural appearance. They are made of zirconia and have pros and cons. Feel free to ask one of our staff if you have any questions about this option.

Pediatric Crowns

Crowns are used when needed on baby teeth when a traditional filling is not ideal for a number of reasons.

  1. The cavity may be too large that a filling would not hold up
  2. The tooth has already been filled with traditional filling material and has got new decay or decay in other areas of the tooth
  3. The tooth required a pulpotomy procedure and a crown is necessary for strength and a good seal

While these are the most common reasons there are a number of other reasons a tooth may require a crown.

When placing a crown there are two options for materials. The most common material is a stainless steel crown. These crowns are easy to place, strong, can be contoured to fit the tooth nicely and typically hold up very well until the child loses the tooth. They are also quite affordable.